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Kympatti bears are famous for their wonderful miniature creations. You can be part of a workshop and learn the tricks of the trade from one of Australia's best - loved bearmakers Patti Cavenett.
During the course students will learn some different techiques for ageing, stuffing the head, and setting eyes, also the use of Copic pens and silk paints for shading and colouring.

Visit our online shop today and discover the best kept secret on the net. Kympatti's Studio at 10 Coogeen St Bundall is a treasure trove of handmade bears, bearmaking supplies, accessories now available online. We also have a great range of small collectables and Antiques of interest available at the Studio 


Specialists in the design and creation of Teddy Bears for OVER twenty years, Patti Cavenett has travelled the world, attending Shows and conducting workshops with other internationally renowned bear artists such as Sue Randall Foskey, Ted Menten, Gerri Williams from the USA, and our own Brigit Charles from WA, as well as many, many more. In 2002 they were joined by daughter Kryst Burke.

NOW, Based at Bundall on the Gold Coast, the Kympatti Studio is a treasure trove of fabrics, accessories, kits, completed bears, beads, flowers and, a hundred and one accessories to tempt the experienced or budding bear maker. Antiques, collectable and many vintage items are also available.

Each Wednesday morning the studio comes to life with a group of bear enthusiasts who meet to sew their latest "Bear" project, exchange ideas and learn new things. Under the guidance of Patti, they improve their skills and enjoy the atmosphere of fun and comaraderie. Any Visitors to the Gold Coast are welcome to join in the fun, even for just the one morning. Workshops by Patti, and visiting Artists are often conducted at the Studio.

Kympatti Bears enjoy a reputation for creativity, quality and craftmanship throughout the Bear Making World, and welcome Bear Makers everywhere to email with questions, share stories and ideas and receive the monthly Newsletter "Kympatti Kapers".

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